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God is not limited to one country. He will be worshipped by every nation, every tribe, and every tongue. We will all bow the knee, one way or another, and declare Jesus Christ is Lord. Perhaps on the other side of death's door, we will all have the ability to understand each other and either speak all languages fluently, or it just won't matter any more. But, we're not there yet.

As my daughter began dating and eventually married a guy native to Brazil, and they foresee becoming missionaries in Japan, and our kids and even us have been on multiple mission trips to places overseas, it's becoming obvious even to a Fat Daddy like me that God expects me to consider an international perspective.

There are so many around the world that don't speak English. Or who find it difficult to read the language. To that end, here are some offerings in other languages, that might interest you if you land in that category. These have been translated, for the most part, by translators who have that language as their native tongue, and through the magic of BabelCube.