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About Chris

christian, dad, writer

Chris Solaas was born in Memphis, TN a half-century ago, the fourth child in a happy Norwegian/Italian family. He began writing stories at the tender age of 8. He was sure he was going to be a science fiction/fantasy novelist. He graduated from the University of Memphis in Electrical Engineering, and began a career in Computer Programming. Things don't always work out the way you plan... He still lives in the Greater Memphis area with a wonderful wife, four ADD children, and a bi-eyed snow-white monster dog that eats trees.

Somewhere in this mess, God took hold of him and shook him. Sort of like a terrier with a rat. Or a dad with His son. "What are you doing with the time and talent I gave you?"
"Uhhh... nuffin!" he said brightly. Since then, he's been making up for lost time, writing songs and books for the glory of the King. His passion is writing entertaining fantasy and Science Fiction stories with a Christian Worldview for kids like his four greatest fans.